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Job Title: Consultant/Contractor
  Programming - Custom Program Design/Programming/Training/Documentation/Troubleshooting
  Mainframe Computer Programmer/Analyst/Application Designer/Quality Assurance
  Local Area Networks - Installation/Configuration/Security/Programming on Windows Servers
  Webmaster - design/create/maintain Internet/Intranet sites, analysis, search optimization (SEO)
  Microcomputer Sales/Analysis/Installation/Custom System building/maintenance
  Administration - Windows NT/2k/2003/2005, IIS, SQL Server

JOB EXPERIENCE (Internet related) JOB EXPERIENCE (non-Internet related)
JOB EXPERIENCE (mainframe) JOB EXPERIENCE (non-contract)

Job Experience: (Internet related)
  Internet Languages: HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, AJAX, VB.NET, VBScript, ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion, Visual Basic, VBA, CSS
  Graphic Design: Adobe Photoshop, Fractal Painter, Quark Xpress, Flash, many others
  Developer suites: Visual Studio, Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Adobe GoLive, Adobe Creative Suite
  Dates with an - and no closing date indicate current clients
  Most sites have been updated since created. Indicates sites displaying my original design
1996- Tree of Knowledge site -
  Personal/Company site
  Access, ASP, SQL, Javascript, DHTML, Adobe Photoshop, Fractal Designer
10 yrs
Cels, Inc., Los Angeles, CA -
  Women's shoes & accessories manufacturer & retailer
  ASP, Cold Fusion, RPG IV, IBM RDi, Sencha Architect, Javascript, extJS, DHTML, AJAX, SQL Server 2005-8, XML, AS400, Database Administrator, Web Administrator & Design, eCommerce Store for multiple web sites, B-to-B programming and analysis, Report Writing, Graphic Design, Newsletters, Photography
18 mos
Lip-Ink International, El Segundo, CA -
  Semipermanent lip, facial & body products manufacturer & retailer
  ASP, Javascript, DHTML, XML, Visual Studio 6.0, SQL Server Database Administrator, Web Administrator & Design, Network Administrator, Able Commerce eStore, FedEx API
3 mo
The Art of Relating, Los Angeles, CA -
  Course web site (designed and edited entire site)
  DHTML, CSS, Javascript
2 mo
Vaud & The Villains, Los Angeles, CA -
  Band web site (designed new home page)
  DHTML, CSS, Javascript
7 yr
The Bloody Obvious, Los Angeles, CA -
  Political/Economic/Scientific Blog
  ASP, CSS, Javascript, DHTML
4 yrs
Red Bird Drums, Cochiti, NM - http://
  Custom built Native American Drums
  ASP, CSS, Javascript, DHTML, Photography
8 yrs
Eagle Drums, Albuqueque, NM -
  Custom built Native American Drums
  ASP, CSS, Javascript, DHTML, Photography
8 yrs
The Art Ranch, Los Angeles, CA - (closed)
  Summer youth camp that offers programs in the arts, Native American culture and sustainable living
  ASP, CSS, Javascript, DHTML, Photography
8 yrs
White Buffalo Camp, Los Angeles, CA -
  Prototype programs to design and develop curriculums for The Art Ranch
  ASP, CSS, Javascript, DHTML, Photography
3 yrs
Dallas Hodge, Los Angeles, CA -
  Chicago Blues guitarist solo effort, lead guitar for Canned Heat 2000-2005
  ASP, CSS, Javascript, DHTML
3 yrs
Deborah Denio, Los Angeles, CA -
  IFBB Figure Professional body builder and Physical Therapist
  Web Design, MySQL, PHP, Perl, Agora Ecommerce package, Javascript, HTML
1 yr
Hollye Dexter and the Brave Souls, Los Angeles, CA - (closed)
  Band web site
  Web Design, Javascript, HTML
1 yr
Music Heals, Los Angeles, CA - (closed)
  Community and Service-based Musicians Foundation
  Web Design, Javascript, HTML
2 yrs
The Board Gallery, Venice, CA - (closed)
  Skateboard, Skiboard, and Surfboard shop of DogTown legend Ray Flores
  Web Design, Javascript, HTML, Graphic Design
2.5 yrs
PC Investor, LA, CA -, (closed)
  Real-time Investment information and recommendations, memberships, e-commerce
  ASP, PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML, SQL Server 2000, Web Administrator, Network Administrator
1 yr
30 Minute Mortgage, Los Angeles, CA - (closed)
  On-line Mortgage provider, interface to various mortgage-processing packages
  ASP, Javascript, CSS, HTML, SQL Server 2000, IIS 5.0, Point, Database Administrator, Web Administrator, Network Administrator for 4 web sites bearing the 30minutemortgage name
3 yrs
Kulak's Woodshed / Calendar -
  Music-oriented web site for Kulak's Woodshed, a live Internet musical performance every night from LA's best singer/songwriters. I ran the weekly Calendar, plus send out a newsletter to the Kulak's subscribers, now numbering over 2000 individuals and organizations. Not to mention that I mixed sound there for 3 years. Here are a couple of sample newsletters from that era - http://kulakswoodshed/Kukaks113-119.htm and http://kulakswoodshed/Kulaks1223-1231.htm.
  HTML, Javascript
1.5 yrs
The Malibooz, Los Angeles, CA -
  Surf band The Malibooz' web site
  Javascript, CSS, HTML
1 mon
Ambar B Capoor, Los Angeles, CA - (closed)
  Showcase site of Los Angeles photographer Ambar B. Capoor
  Javascript, CSS, HTML
4 yrs
Essene School of Life, Los Angeles, CA - (closed)
  Javascript, DHTML
3 mos
NiteLite Picture, Los Angeles, CA - (closed)
  Modifications/updates to web site, ASP back end Password Protection system
  ASP, SQL, Javascript, VBScript, DHTML
7 yrs
Drum Paradise/DrumSmith Custom Creations, N. Hollywood, CA -
  Business for drum and equipment rentals, custom-made drums, repair and cartage.
  ASP, SQL, Javascript, DHTML
5 yrs
SpiritDancing by Heaven, Los Angeles, CA - (closed)
  Web site for performance and sacred dance events and instruction
  Javascript, DHTML, Graphics.
2 yrs
Amtec Systems Corp, Los Angeles, CA - (closed)
  Designed and programmed ECLPS, an On-line Customer Procurement Management System
  Access, ASP, SQL, Javascript, VBScript, HTML.
1.5 yrs
North Communication, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
  Programmed Intranet Employee Time Sheet Tracking and Analysis.
  Access, ASP, Javascript, IIS 4.0.
1 yr
Perry The Mantis - (closed)
  Designed and programmed eCommerce Store for unique DVD 5.1 children's game.
HTML, Javascript, Perl, Adobe Photoshop
3 yrs
Fais Do Do, Los Angeles, CA -
  LA Premiere Rock club and movie/TV prime location site. Site has been redesigned over the years by 4-5 different designers, and now incorporates ideas from all of us.
  Javascript, CSS, HTML
3 mos
Born Again Clothing - (closed)
  Custom Clothing shop (programmer of 3 member design team)
  Active Server Pages (ASP), Javascript, VBScript, HTML, DHTML, Adobe Photoshop, GoLive
8 mos
Tornado Development Corp, El Segundo, CA
  Programmed Intranet Pricing and Sales Analysis for a TEMS Messaging System.
IIS, Cold Fusion 3.1, Cold Fusion 4.0, HTML
3 mos
Magic International, Woodland Hills, CA -
  Programmed On-line Meeting planner for Exhibitors and Show Attendees.
  Cold Fusion 4.0, HTML, VBScript.
3 mos
3rd Power, New York, NY - (closed)
  Designed and programmed Non-profit on-line raffle.
  IIS, ASP, HTML, VBScript.
6 mos
Seawood.Net, Los Angeles, CA (closed)
  Multilingual Internet sites for client, conceptualized, designed and programmed.
  IIS, HTML, DHTML, Javascript, Graphic Design, Memberships, eCommerce
3 yrs
Interactive Communications Network, Marina del Rey, CA -
  Internet sites creation, including one given Netstore's Top 100 Award (most of these sites expired after their 1st or 2nd year online, samples online)
  Maintain over 80 Internet sites for clients, over 50 custom sites conceptualized, designed, and programmed
  IIS, Apache, HTML, DHTML, Javascript, VBScript, CGI, Perl 5, Graphic Design, Animated graphics, Banner creation, site promotion, Memberships, eCommerce
6 mos
Krazy Viks Video Klub - (closed)
  Designed, programmed and maintained On-line Video Store - eCommerce site, Memberships
  IIS, HTML, DHTML, Javascript, Animated graphics
6 mos
Value Health Sciences, Santa Monica, CA
  Programmed Intranet site includes Company Employee database, Internal/External Available Job Positions database, Company Hierarchy Organizational Charts, HR Policies
  HTML, Access, Visual Basic 4.0 (pre-ASP), Frontpage 97

Job Experience: (non-Internet related)
1977-Tree of Knowledge Enterprises - My consulting firm
  Software Development/Analysis/Contracting/Hardware & Software Sales
4 mos
ACI Postal System, Long Beach, CA.
  2005- Extend Customer billing and tracking, Employee route assignment and follow-up, interface to Human Resources database and upload to Quickbooks for Employee payroll, report generation.
  Access 2003, VBA.
3 mos
New Century Title Company, Glendale, CA.
  Enhancements to existing programs for Customer Tracking & Reporting, Client Form production & Document generation.
  Access 2003, VBA.
3 mos
Nutrifit, Beverly Hills, CA.
  Concatenate data from Access and Excel into new Access database with custom reporting.
  Access 2000, Visual Basic .NET.
8 yrs
Columbia University/Antidote, Inc, New York City, NY.
  Downstate New York Healthy Start Program - design/programming/document/training for tracking participants in services study of New York pregnancies and welfare recipients.
  Version 1 - Access 97, VBA, SQL, Visual Basic 2-6.0, VB.NET, OBDB, Crystal Reports.
1.5 yrs
North Communication, Inc., Los Angeles, CA.
  Developed Cash Dispensing and Check Printing additions to company products Touchteller and Aurora, ATM kiosk machine software. Extended capabilities of many modules, troubleshooter for enhancements, fixes and repair of software for client companies. Kiosk Inventory Management and Reporting, Systems Inventory Integration and Order Building system.
  DHTML, CSS, Javascript, ASP, COM, MS Office (Access, Word, Excel), SQL, C++, Java.
10 mos
Magic International, Division of Advanstar, Inc., Woodland Hills, CA.
  Trade show contracting, hotel and registration systems maintenance and enhancement, custom mailing lists, data mining and analysis, user training and instruction, network enhancement and maintenance, hardware/software installation, system troubleshooting.
  Foxpro 2.6, Visual Foxpro, Excel, Access 97, VBA.
1 yr
Smash Entertainment/West Coast Talent Agency, Beverly Hills, CA.
  Designed and programmed Client tracking database. Network support.
  Multi-user Access 97.
4 yr
Primary Care Group of UCLA, Westwood, CA.
  Designed and programmed Healthnet, Prudential Care, Pacific Care and MediCal Database Patient Tracking and Billing systems. Data Transfer to Insurance Providers in unique formats. Referral Processing. Provider Activity Analysis and Transfer. Administration and Maintenance.
  Multi-user running Novell Netware and Windows NT. Clipper 5.2d, Clip-4-Win.
6 mos
UCLA Academic Senate, Westwood, CA.
  Modification and additions to Grant Request and Research database, including optimization.
  Access 95 on Windows NT 4.0 Network.
6 mos
UCLA Council on Academic Procedures, Westwood, CA.
  Conversion of Rbase 4.5 Faculty database to Access, including consolidation of data from other UCLA departments in Access and ASCII formats. Creation of front-end programs in Visual
  Basic for Faculty database and Nominating Review Committees Selection screens and reports.
  Access 95, Visual Basic 4.0 on Windows NT 4.0 Network.
3 yrs
Jack Engle and Co, Los Angeles, CA.
  Designed and programmed Scrap Metal Processing system, Shipping and Receiving, interfacing to Peachtree Accounting.
  Microsoft Access, Visual Basic 4.0, Crystal Reports on Windows NT 4.0 network.
6 mos
Activision, Inc., Los Angeles, CA.
  Programmed In-House Department Contact Management system, Personnel Interview Tracking, Games Database & Library Tracking.
  Microsoft FoxPro 2.6, Cross platform Windows and Macintosh on Novell Netware 4.1.
6 mos
Molina Medical Systems, Long, Beach, CA.
  Design and Programming of a Medical Report Writer.
  Clipper 5.2d on Novell Network.
1.5 yrs
Quotron Systems, Inc., Los Angeles, CA.
  Programmed Billing Preparation Package for Order Processing, and LAN Order Entry & Tracking Database and Reporting Modules.
  Clipper 5.2 w/extensions, dbFast 2.0 on Novell Netware.   
3 yrs
General Inspection Laboratories, Inc, Cudahy, CA.
  Work Order Tracking and Reporting System and Data Upload of completed Invoices to the    Southware Accounting System.
  Multi-user running Novell Netware. Clipper 5.2d, RM COBOL.
3 mos
Logicon RDA, Los Angeles, CA
  Programmed Contract Management Reporting system, including Contract and Funding Activity and Report Distribution.
  SQLWindows 3.1 and ReportWriter on Oracle Server.
3 mos
Disc Trade Finance Products Group, San Diego, CA
  Programmed General Ledger Accounting system for the Bank of Asia, Journal Entry system.
  SQLWindows 3.1, SQLBase.
6 mos
20th Century Fox Broadcasting Co., Los Angeles, CA
  Programmed Neilsen Ratings Radio Advertising Analysis program.
  Lotus 1-2-3 3.1 w/WYSIWYG Reporting Extensions.
1.5 yrs
Guaranty Asset Management Systems, Westhills, CA
  Designed and programmed ARMCALC, an Auditing system for Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loans, and ARMTRAN, a translation program which converts loan date from different lending institutions into a common data format for use by ARMCALC.
  Multi-user running Novell Network. Clipper 5.01.
6 mos
Commercial Marketing, Inc, Los Angeles, CA
  Designed and programmed Yelex - Express Yellow Pages by Phone. Yelex system, years ahead of commercial enterprises, accessed over 1 million records in multiple databases.
  Multi-user running Novell Netware with Clipper 5.01.
8 mos
Rockwell International, Seal Beach, CA (three contracts)
  International Data Base System tracking all Rockwell subsidiaries overseas with demographic
  and financial data for companies, industries, and regions. Worked on prototype for Rockwell
  Operations IMS Assessment and Reporting system.
  SQL Windows 2.0/3.0/3.1 with Graphics Server 1.0/2.0.
2 yrs
  Designed and programmed Video Store rental, sales, and accounting package.
  Clipper/dBase III/IV.
1 yr
  Designed and programmed BPA Advertising Analysis package. Clipper '87.
1 yr
Harbor Insurance Company, Los Angeles, CA
  Insurance Claims Processing System Design and Programming.
  Novell Netware, w/Realia Cobol and Betrieve SQL.
Ultima Personnel, Burbank, CA
  Designed and programmed Employment Tracking system for Job Placement agency.
  Clipper '87 and dBase III.
3 mos
Amtech Trans Corporation, Santa Monica, CA
  Programmed Export Firm Accounting Package, modified from Accountmate
  Accounting Package. Clipper '87 and dBase III.
1 yr
Hughes Aircraft Company, Fullerton, CA
Hughes Aircraft Company, Radar Systems, El Segundo, CA
Hughes Aircraft Company, EDSG Division, El Segundo, CA
Sub-contract - Specialized Business Systems, Glendale, CA
  Design, program, installation and training for Inventory Control processing system for Kardex Industriever and Remstar Vertical Carousels.
  Clipper '87/dBase III, IBM Assembler for device driver interface to Carousels.
3 mos
West Coast Review of Books, Hollywood, CA
  Design, program, and install Mailing list system for magazine publisher. dBase III.
1 yr
Teledyne Systems Company, Northridge, CA
  Design, program, installation and training for Inventory Control processing system for Remstar Industriever Horizontal Carousel.
  IBM 3270 w/Ryan/MacFarland Cobol, IBM Assembler for device driver interface to Industriever, IBM 3270 Control Language for interface to IBM mainframe.
1 yr
Showscan Film Company, Culver City, CA
  Programmed Film Accounting Package, modified from Accountmate Accounting
  Clipper/dBase III. Implemented on Lanlink and Novell systems.
6 mos
Plitt Theaters, Century City, CA
  Design, program and install Film Rental Accounting System.
  dBase II, dBase III, Clipper '85.
6 mos
Matrix Computer Systems, Inc, Santa Monica, CA
  Update version 1.0 of The Wall Street Organizer, providing the ability to use program under multiple system configurations.
  IBM PC Advanced BASIC and BTRIEVE Data Management System.
2 mos
Tratec, Div of McGraw/Hill, Los Angeles, CA
  Graphic representation of an "Office of the Future" for videotape presentation.
  IBM PC Advanced Basic.
3 mos
Citywide Taxes, Los Angeles, CA
  Modifications and enhancements to Business and Personal Income Tax System.
  IBM PC Basic, Micropolis Basic.
4 mos
Southern Cal Emergency Medical Group, Santa Monica, CA
  Install/design system for Medical group including Monthly Scheduling, On-call Assignment,    Personnel, etc. dBase II.

Job Experience: (mainframe)
3 mos
Security Pacific National Bank, Glendale, CA.
  Credit Union Loan Processing System.
3.5 yrs
Airesearch, Div of Garrett Industries, Los Angeles, CA.
  Shop Order Warehouse Status System, Manufacturing Operations and Tooling System, Order Requisition, Receiving, Purchasing, Cost Analysis, Estimating System for Automated Warehouse, Troubleshooting/Priority Analysis and Programming, Consultant/Advisor to Garrett Information Center on Microcomputer H/W & S/W applications.
  IBM 3081, 370, OS/VS2, MFS, ISPF, IMS, VSAM, COBOL.
5 mos
The Service Bureau, Burlington, MA.
  State of Massachusetts Port Authority A/R and A/P Billing System.
Evans Products, Braintree, MA.
  Purchase Order acct, A/P, A/R, Sales Analysis, Sales Promotion, Inventory Replenishment, DP Cost Analysis System, Design/implement Freight System including Prorating Prepaid, and Collect Shipping and Billing, DP Project Analysis. Project leader, User contact. Troubleshooting/Priority Analysis and Programming.
6 mos
Delphi Associates, Lowell, MA.
  Non-Drug Billing in Mass. Medicaid Claims Processing system.
  IBM 370-148, OS, CMS, VSAM, COBOL.
3 mos
Star Market, Inc., Cambridge, MA.
  Year-End Payroll Processing and Tax Accounting Systems.
  IBM 370-135, DOS, COBOL.
5 mos
Stride-Rite Shoes, Boston, MA.
  A/R System Redesign and maintenance, Sales Analysis.
  IBM 370-135, OS, TSO, COBOL.
6 mos
Parker Bros Games, Salem, MA.
  A/R Analysis and Sales Reporting System.
  Burroughs 1700, CANDE, COBOL.

Job Experience: (non-contract)
3/75 -
U.S. Air, Washington, DC.
  Design/implementation of IV PHASE Data Entry System, DP contact to Data Entry and Accounting Depts, On-line Warehouse Aircraft Parts Inventory and Control System, Maintain/Modify systems in Accounting - A/P, A/R, Cost Analysis, Inventory Control, Payroll, Personnel Files, FAA Reporting Systems. DOS to OS conversion. Project and Team Leader. Troubleshooting/Priority Programmer.
  IBM 370-158, IV PHASE Computer, OS/VS, DOS, TSO, PARS/IMS Interface, IV Phase, MARK IV, IMS, COBOL, Fortran, RPG II.
3/73 -
Chas. T. Main Engineering, Inc., Boston, MA.
  Pulp/Paper Plant Simulation and Control System including Graphic Representation of Plant, Scientific Instrumentation Control System, Cost Estimating System for Analysis of Engineering Projects incl. Material, Design and Layout, Manpower Estimates, Maintain/Modify Accounting, Inventory, Sales Analysis, Payroll, Personnel. Troubleshooter. IBM 1130 MACRO to DOS Conversion, DOS to OS Conversion.
  IBM 1130, IBM 360, IBM 370-135, Calcomp Plotters, IBM MACRO, DOS, OS, COBOL, Fortran, Symtran Language related to Fortran for Calcomp graphics, RPG II, BAL.


8 yrs
The Art Ranch, Los Angeles, CA -
  Summer youth camp that offers programs in the arts, Native American culture and sustainable living
  ASP, CSS, Javascript, DHTML, Photography
3 mos
World Healing Celebration, Los Angeles, CA -
  Designed and programmed site for non-profit organization.
  Javascript, DHTML.
1990-92 Youth-at-Risk, Los Angeles, CA
  Tracking and Billing system for Donor/Contributors.
  Editor, Street Talk newsletter. Clipper 5, dBase III,
  Ventura Publisher, Arts & Letters, Corel Draw, Maestro.
1988 Family Services of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
  Design/Program Membership/Contribution/mailing lists.
  Clipper '87 and dBase III.
1983 World Space Foundation, Pasadena, CA
  Purchase Order/Inventory, w/interface to Member system.
  IBM PC/Otrona, CP/M, DBase II.
19882-84 IBM PC User�s Group of California, Los Angeles, CA
  Public Domain Librarian and Product Evaluation Team.

      Boston University - Mathematics and Computer Science
      Honeywell Institute - Information Sciences and Programming
      Gupta Corporation - SQLWindows 2.0, OOP
      Grumpfish Corporation - Clipper 5.0
      Microsoft - various product training classes
      Other company training classes, such as Visio, NetDynamics, Borland, Allaire, etc.

      Founding Member, IBM PC User�s Group of California.
      Founding Member, LACUG, LA Clipper User�s Group.
      Former Member, National Software Review Board.
      Former Member, National Computer Graphics Association.
      Member, CRN Reseller Advisory Board.

      Network setup, troubleshooting and administration, Systems Analysis and Program Design.
      Computer internals, including building, upgrading, and troubleshooting hardware/software.
      Windows All Versions, Windows Server 95-2005, Windows NT, Novell Netware.
      Software not specifically mentioned above:
            Microsoft Visual Basic 2.0 - 5.0
            Microsoft Access 1.0 - 97
            Microsoft QuickC, C 6.0, C++ 7.0
            Borland C++ 3.0 - 4.5

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