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Monday 1/13, 8:00pm

Singer/Songwriter Open Mic hosted by Kiki Wow. If you're itchin' to perform at the Woodshed, come on over. Sign ups begin at 7pm

(People start showin' up for the impromptu Jam Session at 6:00pm so get here as early as ya can.)

Tuesday 1/14, 8:00pm
Freebo and Friends

Freebo continues to host his weekly extravaganza shows. Following up on last week's terrific New Years Eve Show, lots of special guests will be dropping by.

For those new to this newsletter, Freebo's career took off in the 70's when he joined Bonnie Raitt's band on bass. After 12 years with Bonnie, he struck out on his own and played with many, many artists, then joined the supergroup The Bluesbusters along with other rock legends Paul Barrere, Catfish Hodge and T. Lavitz. Since then he's worked on his own songs, while continuing to sit in with rock 'n roll's greatest. (You should have heard him play tuba with Spinal Tap!) Now with 2 great CD's under his belt, Freebo has finally come into his own as a performer to be reckoned with.

Tonight's special guests include Jerry Donahue, a World Class Country Guitarist, Jim Photoglo, a great Nashville singer/songwriter, and Vito Petricito, a funny, entertaining, soulful East Coast singer/songwriter/guitarist.

Freebo's will also be joined by Shane Fontayne, on guitar, who's played with Bruce Springsteen, Mick Taylor and Lone Justice, and has just finished his first very cool CD. Shane's guitar stylings are amongst the most unique heard at Kulak's, and his songs will have you groovin' and movin'.

Also 12 year old "Ragtime" Ruby Fradkin is expected after her homework is finished, with her own newly cut CD.

David Zasloffmay drop by to play trumpet, shakuhachi flute and autoharp. Plus, David Stone should be by to play drums, ukelele and/or piano. Percussionist Rick Cantu has been joining in the past few weeks as well.

Singer/songwriter Julie Chadwick is expected to regale us with one of beautifully touching songs as she tickles the ivories.

And a bevy of other artists often stop by to sit in with Freebo, contributing original songs and talents (and dogs) to the fray. You can always expect the unexpected, for who knows who'll drop by to add to the wealth of talent that have made Tuesdays a not-to-be-missed evening at Kulak's Woodshed. Guaranteed, no two shows alike!

PS: Freebo's talented 4-legged sidekick, Garbo, will, as always, unabashedly greet all 2- and 4-legged patrons.

Shane Fontayne

Jerry Donahue

Jim Photoglo

Ruby Fradkin

David Stone

Julie Chadwick
Wednesday 1/15
Music Heals presents:

Music Heals is hosting a regular Wednesday night show. If you've never seen these ladies play, you have been missing some of the most talented and dedicated musicians in Los Angeles. And dedicated to making a difference with their music, too. Music Heals performs benefits for many worthy causes, contributing to Veterans, autistic children, cancer patients, etc. Kudos to you all for making such a difference!

The Music Heals artists are Remi, Joy Bonner, Tracey Brown, Hollye Dexter, Kiki Ebsen and Debra Davis.

Thursday 1/16
Friday 1/17, 8:00pm
Lady Luck and Friends

Lois Blaisch, Karen Tobin & Shandi Sinnamon all had very successful solo careers before joining forces in 2000. Their combined songs and voices can be heard on more than 24 million records, CD's and cassettes; six major motion pictures, and dozens of top TV shows. With three lead singers, all prolific songwriters, Lady Luck draws from a rich array of musical styles and textures blending together to form a soulful country-pop genre.

Saturday 1/18, 8:00pm
Mark Romano and Friends

Mark (aka Jackson Turner) is a terrific singer/songwriter and storyteller of poignant, funny and deep songs. And his guitar playing has gorgeous melodies and capo placements!. Then there's his mandolin and accordion. If you like the country-western story song, you’ll adore him.

We not sure who'll be joining him tonight, but it'll be a rip-roaring good 'ol time for all.

Jennifer Vazquez


Kate Higgins

Julie Chadwick

Merrily Weeber
Sunday 1/19, 8:00pm
All-Grrrl Songwriter Strumble



John Daniels continues as host of the weekly Songwriter's Strumble.

His guests tonight are:

8:15 to 8:45 - Jennifer Vazquez' music combines a resonant, assured vocal style of pop and folk-rock. Formerly of Long Island based popsters Blush, Vazquez forged a determined solo path, interpreting the life experiences that followed in the form of 13 soul searching songs that grace her debut CD "Another Day in the Dark". Currently based in Los Angeles, Jennifer Vazquez is that rare artist who consistently excels in painting bold emotional strokes on the tapestry of the human soul.

8:45 to 9:15 - Davison/Coleman. One of Music Connection Magazine's picks of "Hot 100 Unsigned Artists of 2002," Davison/Coleman is a multifaceted group whose music easily crosses over into Rock, Pop, AOR, World/Pop. It is centered on the duo of Lynn Davison (vocals and keyboards) and Cole Coleman (guitar and vocals). Their music is adventurous, outside the norm of pop yet accessible, and will take the listener on a journey of self-discovery.

9:15 to 9:45 - Kate Higgins. Beautiful, charming, talented, and fun, Kate has been dropping into Kulak's the past couple of months now, playing a song here and there, and always leaving everyone wanting for more. Tonight we get another opportunity to see her perform some of her amazing songs, warm, full of feeling and hope and love and life busting forth.

9:45 to 10:15 - Julie Chadwick is a favorite performer at Kulak's, playing and singing along with many of Kulak's other performers. But when she performs her own material, Julie strikes right to the heart, sharing her deepest feelings with the audience through her music.

10:15 to 11:00 - Merrily Weeber brings to each of her performances a blend of class and comfort that makes a night with her an enjoyable experience. Her repertoire covers a wide variety of music from the great american song book to the current hits. She has been heard on a variety of TV shows and movies over the years.

So come on down and hear some great music! For the latest updates check the Calendar online. And of course, we're broadcasting every show over the Internet from 8:00PM til 11:00ish, (that's Pacific time for you music afficionados in other time zones) so if you can't make it down, check it out LIVE on your computer! But we hope you WILL show up to support the musicians and the Woodshed. There's NO COVER CHARGE! But we'll gratefully accept donations of any denomination to help keep the bills paid and the music flowing.

We're located at 5230-1/2 Laurel Canyon Blvd, North Hollywood, just north of Magnolia and the 101 Freeway. Our phone number is 818-766-9913. Hope to See you there! 

Until next week's email,
Bob M

Sunday 1/19, 3-6:00pm

NSAI Song Evaluations

Hosted by Seth Jackson. Bring a song 'live' or recorded, with 15-20 lyric copies, we'll each share our songs and consider whether there are ways to make the songs communicate better and make them market-appropriate. Free to NSAI members, $10 to non-members after two free look-see meetings.