R. Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Map, showing the world as one continuous land mass. Special thanks to Chris Rywalt for developing this animation.
The World Healing Celebration

Friday, November 23, 2001
10 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time
(USA times: 2 p.m. PST -- 5 p.m. EST)

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"No one can do everything, but everyone can do something"

On the day after Thanksgiving, you are invited to take part in a worldwide celebration of healing and unity.

The World Healing Celebration is a non-political expression of all that is best in humanity, a day-long, world-wide circle of events, gatherings, and festivals centered around a single moment of sound.

For one minute, at exactly 10:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time (2:00 PM on the West Coast of the United States,) individuals all over the globe can take a break from whatever it is they are doing and make a noise -- honk a car horn, sing a song, shout for joy, whatever -- knowing that people everywhere are doing the same thing at the same moment.

In an increasingly frightening and violent world, we are all longing for a greater sense of community. This is one such opportunity.

For more on THE MOMENT, and on other events surrounding that moment, check the Events pages on the website where you can read about planned events and find out how to create and post your own.

Again, please join us in this moment of unity and joyful noise.

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