The Story behind Tree of Knowledge
and the origin of our logo
The name and logo for Tree of Knowledge came about through a number of synchronicities that occurred about the time I formed this consulting firm. Firstly, I had been reading a number of books, most notably R. Gordon Wasson's "Soma: Divine Mushroom of Immortality", in which he mentioned that his wife, a Russian of Siberian heritage, stated that mushrooms were often referred to as a fruit. Wasson's own statements about the potency of the Amanita Muscaria mushroom recalled stories from the Indian Veda scripts about ancient rites using the divine drug Soma. Wasson also stated that the Amanita had a symbiotic relationship with the birch tree, and his wife called the mushroom the fruit of that tree.

I had also recently read an article theorizing a possible link between the mind expanding qualities of various mushrooms and other natural psychedelics with the increase in intelligence that occurred in mankind.

Historically, white and black have always symbolized the two concepts of Good and Evil.

And lastly, being familiar with Genesis and its earlier progenitors, especially Sumerian mythology, I was acquainted with the various Eden myths and legends.

So, putting all the pieces of this jigsaw together, I theorized that a red-capped mushroom, growing in concert with a birch tree, might have been called the Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (due to its black and white bark) and that this mushroom might be the "apple" of that tree, and worked its way into legend. Thus, Tree of Knowledge was born and the Amanita Muscaria became its symbol.

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